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Shoreditch, London

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32 weeks


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Introducing Sonos Studio LDN

Sonos Studio London is a multi-use creative venue in Shoreditch containing a concert space, listening rooms, workstations and café. The Studio hosts a range of music-focused events, performances and collaboration opportunities.

Sonos is an American consumer electronics company headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. The Sonos team covers the UK and USA, with many of Sonos’ real estate and project management team based in Boston, Massachusetts.

We partnered with Brinkworth Studio to design the Studio experience and interiors.

Our Work

Sonos is a highly creative, acoustically led company with a strong eye for design and innovation.

From the outset our aim was to help Sonos develop a ground-breaking multi-purpose venue that would perform to the very highest acoustic standards. We collaborated with architects and designers providing outline and concept budgets to help in the conceptual development of the studio.

The process also included the appointment of a consultant acoustician, who helped advise on the building’s transformation from its original life as a printworks. Thanks to this work and Sonos’ in-house acoustic experts, the studio walls are now triple skinned and contain a foot of sound-absorbing mineral wool.

The progressive design system allows the main spaces to be adapted for almost every eventuality and the event stage can be quickly erected at the end or side of the building. Multiple data points also allow for rich visual stimulus to be projected onto almost all surfaces. This near infinite flexibility of the space is its greatest asset and was also our biggest challenge.

Our work progressed to complete management of the procurement process, including tender negotiations and the selection of contractors.

We also managed the project management, cost management and CDM Services for the entire project. The planning process in particular raised some unique challenges.

The first was convincing planners and locals that the building’s change in purpose to a ‘music event space’ would not have the impact they feared.

Our experience in negotiating planning conditions also helped gain approval for a mechanical rooftop plant to be installed. The rooftop plant and internal ducting system both required careful design and installation measures to negate vibrations from the system. The plant’s installation resulted in further logistical and CDM Services challenges with road closures required allowing access for cranes to elevate the plant to the building’s roof.

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Sonos Studio

"KMB not only ensured top-quality, on time delivery but also displayed an unparalleled adeptness in dealing with our high-change environment. Their attention to detail and schedule as well as their precision with budget allowed the project to be one of our greatest successes."

Sonos Studio

"The ground floor’s main listening area is topped with ceiling rafts that can be lowered, shaped and rotated thus exposing different finishes that alter the acoustic pitch of any event.

This pursuit of acoustic perfection also involved project consultancy from Giles Martin, son of great Beatle’s producer Sir George Martin."

Sonos Studio
Sonos Studio